JOURny Magazine delivers a collection of beautiful imagery, stories and inspiration. When the world is whipping by us, we would like to slow down and create something insightful, timeless and beautiful.

A modern homage to the magazines of yesterday, publications that were pored over for weeks and treated reverently, the work of those artists inspires creatives still. We will bring you stories of visual, literary and artistic worlds, combining fashion, art, travel, music, opinion, culture and all genres of photography from stills to the moving image.

Each issue you’ll find new artists to discover, or maybe revisit with an old friend, either way, join us.

After all, It’s all about the JOURny!

Featured Artist

Photographer - Chris Dempsey

Q&A Feature

Makeup & Hair Stylist -

Paula Roderick-Voisembert

Current Interview

Fashion Designer - Ivan Lloyd Chung

Model Profile

Tess Gleasson / Maggie Inc.

Connecting Creatives

Fashion / Art / Culture

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